Trace the Growth of Hamilton Industry

Explore Hamilton's industrial and labour history through the following tours

East End Tour

East End

Explore the history of the working communities that formed around the many factories that opened up on cheap land at the edge of the city in the early 20th century. Discover how East End Hamilton figured in the giant strike wave of 1946 that established modern unionism in Canada.

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North End Tour

North End

There’s no place like the North End. So any North Ender will tell you. Explore the sites and stories of one of Hamilton’s oldest working communities.

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Downtown Tour


Hamilton has long been a Workers’ City. Explore where Hamilton’s rich labour history began by following part of the parade route of the 1872 “Nine-Hour Pioneers,” the campaign that marked the birth of Canada’s first real labour movement.

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19th Century Industry Tour

19th Century Industry

Discover how Hamilton was transformed from a commercial centre with a sprinkling of small artisan shops to an industrial city in the second half of the 19th Century. Uncover the roots of the factory city.

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20th Century Industry Tour

20th Century Industry

Explore how Hamilton was transformed into a major industrial city in the first 50 years of the 20th century as much of the East End changed from farmland, fields, forests and marsh into heavy industry and workers’ housing.

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