Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the app?

You can use the interactive map to find out more about a specific site of interest or you can use the full list of sites to find out more information on a particular building or topic. You can also take a “tour” by visiting a collection of sites that, when visited together, tell a particular story. There are five unique tours to explore.

How long do the Tours take?

The number of sites on each tour varies. Tours range from a dozen sites that cover a small area easily walkable within an hour or two to longer tours that cover more than 30 sites and span a distance that is best travelled by bike, public transit or car.

How can I see all of the sites?

Many of the sites featured are within a few blocks of each other, however, to see all of the sites it may be necessary to bike, drive or take public transit.

Getting around by transit:

Most of the sites on Burlington Street and Barton Street, follow the public transit routes of the Hamilton Street Railway Company (HSR).

By taking the HSR’s eastbound Bayfront 4 and westbound Barton 2 bus routes, you can access the majority of the sites in the East End of the city. A transfer point for the buses is located on Barton Street, just east of Woodward Street.

Are there plaques or signs marking each site?

For some sites, “Made in Hamilton Industrial Trail” signs have been posted that indicate the name of the original industry associated with that site. Some sites have an historical plaque posted outside the building or marking the spot where a building once stood. A few sites featured are not marked on-site.

How were the sites chosen?

Hamilton has so much labour and industrial history that we weren’t able to include everything. What we try to do here is look at some of the sites and events that bring out general themes in both 19th and 20th century labour and industrial history. Some of the stories that relate to that are also provided, but there are many more out there. Please use our social media features to add your stories and experiences to the tours. Together, this is our story – let’s build it!

Where can I find out more?

For more information on labour history in Hamilton and across Canada, visit the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre (WAHC) at 51 Stuart Street; WAHC is open to the public Wednesday to Saturday with no cost for admission. Special guided tours for groups can be arranged for a small fee.