Osborne-Killey Manufacturing Company

(1884) Mark Preece Family House

This factory’s rubblestone building, which fronts on Barton Street East, was originally constructed in 1876 as a malt house for Hamilton maltster William Osborne. It is one of the city’s oldest surviving industrial buildings.

In 1884, Osborne became partners with engine and boilermaker J.H. Killey, a former employee of the Beckett foundry nearby. Over the next few years, the firm expanded. A number of foundry buildings (now demolished) were added to the rear of these premises. These buildings housed the partners’ two manufacturing operations — the Mona Iron Works and the Hamilton Scale Company. The Mona operation produced pumps, boilers and engines for a variety of uses. The company also manufactured the steam engines and pumps for Hamilton’s second Waterworks, installed in 1887.

In 1898, the factory changed owners and became the Smart-Eby Machine Company. It became the Smart-Turner Machine Company after another reorganization three years later. Until the late 1980s, workers here turned out all kinds of pumps for industrial and municipal use.